Data Collection & Report Management

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Past Performance

Data Collection & Report Management

The State of Maryland Judiciary

Contracted Period: (2014-2015)

KPS oversaw various components of The Maryland Judiciary comprehensive review of the Judiciary’s classification structure, pay ranges (salary schedules), and compensation policies.

[small]Type of Survey Study[/small]

Maryland Judiciary Compensation and Reclassification Study

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  • Determine the market competitiveness of the current pay ranges, compensation policies, and benefit programs
  • Evaluate the classification structure and job descriptions
  • Develop recommended changes to the compensation programs and policies designed to enhance the Judiciary’s ability to recruit and retain Judiciary staff
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  • Assisted in the review of the Judiciary’s job titling structure, pay ranges, and compensation policies to determine market competitiveness in order to provide documented support for Maryland Judiciary to seek funding from the 2015 Maryland General Assembly to implement the recommendations.
  • Developed Voice-Over PowerPoint Presentation to serve as a web-based instructional guide for Maryland Judiciary staff completing the Job Description Questionnaire.
  • Conducted interviews of Maryland Judiciary personnel including upper level managers and directors, department heads and a broad representation of staff in various District and Circuit Courts state-wide.  Documented interviews to address discrepancies in job classification data; transcribed data to develop Job Description Questionnaires (for non managers) and Management Questionnaires (for managers) where none existed.
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