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Human Resources

Over 2o Year's Experience
Committed to providing responsive and cost-effective services in Human Resource Management Consulting
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Workforce Solutions

Comprehensive workforce training program with full life cycle intake, recruitment of skilled employees, job matching, and job placement services.
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Training Design & Delivery

Ensured Satisfaction
We design and facilitate training programs to enhance business performance and improve productivity.
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General Management

Expert Consultation
Management Support for studies, surveys, and projects requiring administrative management and data collection.
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How We
Can Help

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we offer

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Choose Us

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Welcome to our NEWLY BRANDED company site

Copy of KPSEdits (4 of 58)Debra E. Keller-Greene, Founder & CEO
From the C-Suite of Keller Professional Services

We are proud to announce 19 dedicated years of service in Developing People and Companies.

In February 1997 we set out to have a profound impact on workforce professionalism and business efficiency in the face of an emerging technological era.  

Today, KPS offers premiere workforce and management solutions to address the needs of our business, government, and workforce clients through an array of management consulting services.  

As we look to the future, we remain committed to bridging the talent gap by assisting our business clients in offering development and training as a benefit to attract, retain and address workforce challenges including Millennials.

As Human resource consultants we are devoted to assisting our business clients in building a workforce that will meet their future business objectives.  We stand ready to serve and deliver services on an as-needed basis to fill skills and resource gaps to accommodate rapidly changing business and customer demands.

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