Workforce Solutions

Workforce Solutions

Our comprehensive workforce training program is designed to enhance the skill level of emerging workforce to prepare and motivate them for successful employment in today’s business climate. In addition to our workforce training, we offer a full life cycle intake, job matching, and job placement service for our workforce clients and recruitment of skilled employees for our Employer Partners and Clients.


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Our Clients include:

  • College Graduate
  • Individuals seeking career change
  • Unemployed and under­employed
  • Reformed Offenders
  • Dislocated Workers
  • Veterans
  • Homeless
  • Individuals with Disabilities

Our focus is to bridge the gap between educational systems and public assistance agencies to meet the needs of growing workforce demands by providing skill enhancement, career/life strategies and time saving assistance with staffing solutions.

Work Readiness Assessment & Training:

  • Employment Barriers
  • Professionalism, Image and Professional Etiquette
  • Self­Marketing/Resume & Cover Letters
  • Interview Presentation

Soft Skills Training includes:

  • Business Culture & Communication
  • Human Relations & Customer Service
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict Management
  • Cultural Diversity

Career Development/Advising

  • Career Assessments
  • Career Planning and Coaching
  • Goal Setting and Action Plan
  • Certified Workforce Professionals
  • Experienced Training Consultants
  • Human Resource Professionals

Life Management Coaching

Our Life Management Coaching develops happy, productive and successful employees who are able to manage their emotions, thoughts and actions in a variety of challenging situations.

Placement Services Include:

  • Transitional Placement - After completion of a Job Readiness Training or industry specific training, the referral can be placed through KPS Staffing Services for a probationary period.
  • Trial Placement Services - Referrals selected from a targeted applicant pool are eligible for trail placement not to exceed 4 weeks. This trial period is of no cost to the employer.
  • Direct Placement Services - KPS will actively recruit and place candidates for a negotiated flat rate.

Staffing Services

  • KPS will actively recruit and place candidates for a negotiated flat rate with Direct Placement.
  • KPS will provide employment retention that involves strategic post placement engagement with workforce clients to monitor progress and assist with employment retention and upward mobility through our Life Management Coaching Program.



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